Dental Implants

Same Day Implants – Why?

What are dental implants?

Firstly, dental implants are manufactured and installed replacement teeth. They have a root with similar function to a natural tooth, and a top (crown) that resembles a natural tooth exactly with the same function and care. Our team has been successfully placing (installing) dental implant teeth for decades now. They may replace a single tooth knocked out in an accident, or a series of implants may replace dentures that have been worn for years.

How do ‘Same Day’ implants differ from conventional ones?

There is no specific difference in the implant – it is the technology and the dental equipment that allows us to reduce much of the conventional waiting time. For example, your dentist is the one to make the recommendation for your mouth in terms of tooth replacement. We measure the available bone with scanners, and determine the appropriate length and direction of each potential implant site. It can be placed (and often is) on the same day of diagnosis. Depending on your bone, we may place a custom made crown on top of the implant that same day or a short time later. Time in the dentist chair is the most often complained about aspect of dentistry, and for that reason we combine treatment whenever possible (but never to the detriment of appropriate healing times). Regardless of when final placement of the tooth takes place, every patient leaving our chair does have a replacement tooth whether it is permanent or temporary. Many of our patients lead public lives, and the thought of displaying a mouth that essentially says ‘Under Construction’ is not an appealing idea!

Our newest equipment creates the replacement tooth in the chair, not in a lab that is perhaps hours away.

Diagram of a conventional 3 unit bridge
Diagram of a single implant restoration instead of the bridge
Chin profile improved with dental implant supported bridge
Multiple implants restoration complete

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