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Dentistry from the Heart Day

Not everyone sees the dentist on a regular basis. In fact, many only come in when something really hurts which is invariably too late. For some folks, fear of dentistry is something that has kept them away and allowed their mouths to fall into real trouble.  Caroline Dental Centre is part of an internation organization

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Tooth Fairy Day

This special event is an ideal opportunity to introduce young people to their first dental experience. It is truly a ‘fun’ day for not only the children, but also their families and our team. They have the opportunity to become comfortable with the idea of dentistry, and this allows us to lay a foundation that

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Oral Cancer Day

Oral cancer is the fastest growing cancer, and surprisingly with many who do not fit into the stereotypical ‘high risk’ group – that being heavy smokers and consumers of alcohol. It is now recommended that anyone over 25 years of age be screened annually for this specific illness.Caroline Dental Centre has invested in the very

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Pain Free Dentistry

Media Support

Dr. Dolynchuk has been promoting dental events in central Alberta for 15 years.  We have hosted local newspaper, as well as national media TV outlets for some of these special events!

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