Laser Dentistry


Oral Health for Overall Health

Ask Dr. Dolynchuk which technology in the office he would most miss if it were gone, and a big contender would be the new Solea Dental Laser unit.

The benefits are multiple – fillings can now be completed in as little as 25% of the normal time. Patients are bypassing needles and freezing for the advantages of this laser. Sutures aren’t necessarily needed, and using a combination of heat and light most patients report it as ‘painless’. The precision is incredible, and we can contour gum lines and remove lesions in the mouth.  Our Solea Dental Laser can shorten a patient’s time in the chair, enabling more treatment to be completed in one visit! We’re happy that 95% of ‘regular’ dentistry can be conducted with our Solea, but some advanced procedures such as implant surgery still utilize traditional methods. We believe this is a major step forward!